SARTEL, electrical devices company.

Firstly, we started producing fastener products such as staples.

Reliability, professionalism combined with the enthusiasm of Ravasio’s family (owner and founder of SARTEL) are the real driving force of this company.

Thanks to our experience, our company provides a more and more.
Wide and qualified range of electrical devices (for own and for third party accounts).

Nowadays, Sartel offers a complete range of fishtapes and products for industrial and civil purposes in Italian and international markets .
Therefore,our company can be considered a full-fledged specialist in fastening.

In the third generation of Ravasio’s, Ivan, Stefano Rita alongside their father Alberto are involved in a development and investment project thanks to the innovative thermoplastic injection moulding systems which are part of the modern Grassobios’s headquarters.
We aim to further strengthen our presence in the key markets, by giving our customers the same reliability and high-quality standards that have always characterized Sartel QUALITY POLICY.

A continuous personal and professional improvement, with an increasing commitment. Always animated by the same passion of our founder. We are proud of our made in Italy!